The Sh*t Hit the Fan!

Updated: Mar 8


So I guess this would be a good place to start my introduction to the surgical trauma that started as a general hysterectomy.

While having my 4th child via C-section, in 2012, I had requested sterilisation. Apart from some minor hiccups, all went well and the sterilisation was performed. A few weeks after having my baby I began having an extremely heavy cycle. So much so it stopped me in my tracks while food shopping and I had to rush home to sort myself out. More and more this become a reoccurring pattern, each month seemed to get worse. Then, after trying, what felt like, everything I was seen in a one stop clinic at my local hospital. While there the doctor assured me that he wouldn't discharge me without fixing my problem. This was so reassuring, and I finally felt someone had heard my prayers.

At this time I was actually working at my local hospital as a Health Care Assistant. Not a job I had ever seen myself doing, but my god I loved it! Every part of my job made me happy. I was helping people, being appreciated for all my efforts. Was it hard? Oh yes! Some days I would leave work in tears from what I had seen. But I took such comfort in knowing I had been there for people, stood by them in their final hours and made sure they were comfortable.

After scans and biopsies, it was decided I would have an ablation on my womb. It had been discovered that I had developed a form of Endometriosis, called Adenomyosis, which meant my monthly cycles were always going to be unbearable, and perhaps even get worse.

Sadly, the ablation didn't do the trick and after a short while I was back where I'd begun. It was so deflating. After having tried the coil, the pill, and now this; I felt so down about it all. Still the doctor was positive that there was more that could be done. I was put on a tablet that convinced my brain I was in menopause, and my periods stopped! Just like that I was saved.

But, sadly, like with many quick fixes, there is always a down side. I started researching the pills I'd been given. There seemed to be a lot of text about Cancer. This started me thinking, and worrying, as Cancer runs in my family. I spoke with the doctor and he said he felt it was best I come off of the tablets and that they may have helped enough to stop the heaviness of my cycle. Unfortunately, he was wrong.

I know when people think of monthly cycles they envisage ladies with hot water bottles and slight cramps, this was definitely not my case. Mine were debilitating, as are many women's, I needed days in bed with the pain and, without sounding too course, the bleeding was beyond belief.

So, again, I went to see the doctor at my local hospital and it was decided that the best option for me would be a hysterectomy. This man knew all my medical history, my surgical history, so I had no reason to feel anything other than relaxed about him and his skills. He gave me real hope that all this would be over very soon..


Continued next week...

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